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Why Opt for Yoga Retreat in India?

A website defines retreat as a place where you can go alone and disconnect from it all. Another website defines a spiritual retreat as a time that is spent away from our routine life for the purpose of reconnecting with the self and with the higher self, usually praying or meditating in order to connect to the Almighty. For very long now, corporate have been arranging for official retreats where employees are taken to a nice place out of the usual city of work with a bunch of colleagues with or without family and just blow the steam of.

A yoga retreat is quite similar to the definitions above with a slight difference. A yoga and meditation retreat is where you go to not only disconnect from the monotony of life but also to connect with the mind, body, soul balance that yoga offers. History dates yoga back to the Indus-Valley civilization (northern India). And thus, it is normal that when you look up on the internet for options, you would see a lot of resorts and schools claiming to offer the best yoga retreats in India.

With so many websites and organizations offering yoga retreats, it may be slightly to pick, so what do you do? And, why should you opt for a yoga retreat in India miles away from your home and not somewhere close by? Here is why:

India is the birthplace of yoga

India, especially Rishikesh in North India, is known as the birthplace of yoga. Sages and philosophers have preached the wellness and depth of this science here for several decades. This is where you come if you want the true essence of traditional yoga. Here is where you get the unbiased, unadulterated teachings of yoga.

Yoga is more than just asanas

When you think of yoga, you think of the beautiful and charming yogis who can bend their bodies in more ways than one and pose for magnificent sunrise and sunset photos. India tells you that yoga is much more than that. Yoga is about the study of yogic philosophy, human anatomy, chakras, the do’s and the don’ts on managing a healthy lifestyle, the medicinal benefit of practice, and all the ailments that you can cure by practicing the right kind of yoga asana.

Mountains, beaches, deserts, and much more

India is often known as the land where you come for soul-searching. It is also the land of grand landscapes. It is believed that the scenery and the language changes in the country in every few hundred kilometers. From mountains to plains, from beaches to deserts, India has it all. Most countries offer you a month long or if you are lucky then six month long visa and even though it’s not enough time to explore the whole country, there is still a lot that you can see and experience of this brilliantly diverse country filled with cultures, traditions, and rituals.

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