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Why Rishikesh Should be On Top of the List on Your Spiritual Visit to India

The coming of The Beatles to Rishikesh by the holy river in North India permanently put it on the map of all spiritual travelers. Surrounded with the bright vibes of uplifting yoga, the town is sacred to pilgrims and a base for ambitious backpackers to the Himalayas. Scopes for adventure are plenty along the banks of Ganga, good places to eat, and meet people practically from all over the globe. How your spiritual search will overshoot here in Rishikesh? Let’s find out.

Jumping Heights Overcoming Fear

A number of important adventure sports companies operate in Rishikesh with a promise of memorable experiences. White water rafting, bungee jumping, zip lining and more fun activities in and around the precipitous heights of Rishikesh will give you sheer joy and a rush of adrenalin. The environment around the mountains is sweet, serene and untouched by the urban populace.

If spirituality for you is to know the unknown and delve to the core of consciousness through meditation, then these adventurous prospects have in store just what you are looking for.

Dig Into Great Books 

Besides the adrenalin junkies and adventuring spiritual souls, you will have a lot to find and cherish in Rishikesh if books are your thing. A number of great bookstores line the cobble stone avenues of this little town tucked away from the busyness and corruption of life. Structured like depots, stacked from ceiling to floor with great picks in spiritual subjects, history and culture of India, and more, these bookstores will have a feel-good vibe for the thoughtful travelers. Whether you are in town for a couple of nights and looking for a good read on your next travel or completing your yoga course at one of the top ranked schools needing more in-depth books on the subject, these cozy book-haunts will hold a few moments of solace for you.

Yoga for the Soul

Rishikesh is a marvelous place to develop your yoga skills. The schools operating in this town are rooted in tradition. The method of schooling is a far cry from the fitness oriented yoga programs of the West. A model yoga teacher training course is available at reputed institutions here. The main course curriculums integrate asana, philosophy and history of yoga, anatomy and adjustment-alignment, pranayama breathing, Ayurveda, and more. The balanced time dedicated to theoretical study and practicum in this program can really be a treat for the soul.

Engage in Worship in the Temple Town

Helping your spiritual growth through yoga, you can spend more time exploring the Indian religious sites in Rishikesh. Home to a number of shrines along the river, the town resounds with ringing bells, chimes, and prayer chants. The vibes of the divine run strong in the winding alleyways. You will be fascinated and empowered to understand how the idea of the spiritual is embedded in every ritual and practice of Indian life. This way, Rishikesh will be a landmark in the journey of cultural explorers and religious seekers.

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