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5 Points to Remember When Evaluating a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga teacher training is quite the talk of the town in the present times among yoga life enthusiasts, the reason being the joint emphasis the program has on personal growth and skills of teaching. Keeping pace with the rising popularity, there are numerous institutes offering this program in different configurations. For more or less all schools, there is a model curriculum offering a mélange of various important standpoints relating to yoga—asana, practical demonstration classes, teaching methodology, adjustment-alignment, and so on. When evaluating these programs for suitability to your cause, you must look beyond the general curriculum, keeping in mind that the program, besides demanding a commitment of time, money, and energy, is also a huge question of emotional investment.

Here are five factors to consider when choosing your type of teacher training program in yoga:

Location and Ambience

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When short listing the options available for yoga teacher training program, keep a keen eye for out of the way locations. An inexpensive establishment offering the training is always available closer to home but it will be lacking in the aura of the exotic and the adventurous and unless you are placed away from the familiar circle of the mundane, an awakening cannot be expected.

It is highly recommended to pick your training venue in the heartland of yoga in India. This is the land where the ancient art of good living took shape and evolved through the years. The vibes of peace, love, and universal brotherhood central to the yogic thought could be found embedded in the day to day lives of the Indians. 

Central Approach in Teaching

If you are already into practicing asanas and making your way to improvement, it is needless to sign up for a program offering equivalent practice. The factor which can be considered groundbreaking for your yoga journey is the philosophical guidance which must underline all of the facets of a tradition-based teacher training program.

The traditional yoga teacher training of India will hold substance over style and holistic spiritualism over orientation to fitness. Check for opportunities to put into practice karma yoga or selfless work as contribution to humanity, the formula of wholesome nutrition with Ayurveda, and guidance in intensive meditation.

The Coverage

When choosing a teacher training program, be ready to study a broad range of yoga subjects. A broad coverage should be preferred over specializations because the subject in general is expansive and full of interrelated concepts. It would be hard to come to grips with one idea if not presented in correlation with other relevant topics. Look for a model curriculum inclusive of—

  • Asana of the two principle styles- Hatha and Ashtanga,

  • Adjustment and alignment presented in relation with yoga anatomy

  • Meditation techniques and mantra

  • Yoga philosophy and history

  • Pranayama techniques

  • Ayurveda

  • Methodology of teaching

By receiving an introduction so wide in its scope, you will easily be able to follow up on your own on the study of yoga further.

Breather from Rigorous Training

Be careful not to land yourself at a training that is all about intensive regimens without any opening for personal time and enjoyment. If you are at an exquisite location and looking to indulge in the joys of traveling, a yoga training program must have enough empty slots for you to accommodate these plans. Without any punctuation of refreshing breaks in the rigorous training routine, you will easily exhaust both physically and mentally.

Status and Online Presence

Lastly and most importantly, you must check the status of the institute under consideration online. Organizations which have been in service for a few years are likely to have a strong online presence and a functional mode of communication with its international clientele. Checking reviews should also be a large part of this survey.

Go for the organization with the most positive reviews in the location of your choice on any online forum and you will undoubtedly land in the best place!

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