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What Are The Various Benefits Of Yoga?

The day you wake up and decide to start afresh – take better care of yourself, become physically and mentally fit, yoga seems to be on top of the pile for a number of people. Yoga is a science and an art form which has been up and alive in India since the Vedic age. And, it has gained worldwide popularity ever since the advent of alternative culture during the 70s. What used to be an alternative way of life, popular mostly among the hippies and the freaks, has now been adopted as the mainstream form of lifestyle.

For those who are strangers to the eternal magic of this science, they often wonder about the physical and mental benefits of yoga and how yoga can actually transform their life into something more positive.

Yoga is a very deep and grounded art form and to understand it completely, one has to donate years and years of their life studying it, researching it and practicing it.

However, for starters, we shall introduce you to twelve predominant and scientifically approved facts that would help you understand how yoga can be beneficial for you:

Helps improve cognitive power of the brain

Studies suggest that yoga and meditation are beneficial for strengthening brain activity. It helps increase mental capacity of the brain which in turn helps with a sharper memory and the improved ability to recall subconscious information as well.

Works as an anti-depressant

If you have been through a traumatic experience and are unable to deal with its repercussions or feeling unusually blue, then yoga is your best bet to instantly lift you up. Yoga helps release endorphins in your body that help fight symptoms of depression.

Improves alertness of the brain and also improves its ability to focus and concentrate

To make it through a hectic day, one needs to be alert at all times. While a sedentary job can be physically non-taxing (except for the spine, of course!), it is mentally challenging which can really make you feel sluggish and inactive. Studies show that people who practice yoga on a regular basis are mentally and physically more alert. Additionally, they are also more focused in whichever activity they undertake due to their increased power of concentration.

Leads you into a deep state of relaxation

While practicing various breathing techniques or pranayama, the body and the mind sinks into a state of deep relaxation, which helps a body detoxify and de-stress at neurobiological level. It helps the body and the mind to collaborate and form a deeper link with each other. Yoga aids you in connecting with yourself better.

Helps deal with hormonal changes during adolescence

Adolescence appears with its own set of battles like hormonal changes, mood swings, behavioral disturbances, impatience. Yoga helps you take control of these by relaxing the body and adjusting its state towards a more patient and uplifted state.

Helps combat emotions of anxiety, anger and pain

If you suddenly feel anxious or angry then a few poses of yoga and pranayama shall instantly ease the tensed up muscles in your body and lead you into a calmer state wherein you shall be able to think, reflect and react in a more placid manner.

Inspires you appreciate life beyond its superficial barriers

Yoga and meditation is a science which leads you into a deeper understanding of life. In order to master yoga, one needs to get in touch with the purest side of their soul, untouched by the superficial barriers or materialism. You gradually begin to appreciate life more.

Promotes weight loss and improves muscle tone in the body

One of the key benefits of yoga is that it promotes weight loss by stimulating the nervous system. What you attain during a hi-intensity workout, you are able to achieve the same through an invigorating yoga session. Along with weight loss, yoga is known to simultaneously improve muscle tone of the body. You would be more voluptuous and carved.

Helps combat joint pain and arthritis

For those who suffer from joint pain or arthritis, yoga offers the most result oriented forms of exercises, especially designed for those who are unable of practice any other form of workout because they are dealing with these issues. People who practice certain recommended yoga poses on a regular basis have been able to successfully eliminate joint pain and combat arthritis to a bearable level.

Strengthens the immune system and also reduces hypertension

People who suffer from a weak immune system, have issues of hypertension, or suffer from migraines – yoga has remedy for all. There are hundreds of exercises in yoga. And, each exercise serves a different purpose. All you need to do is meet a learned yoga instructor who can devise the appropriate workout plan for you. 

Suppresses the urge for binge eating and also helps control craving for junk, unhealthy food

Practicing yoga inspires you to follow a healthy lifestyle. It prevents your craving for eating unnecessary fat as the body reaches a state where it refuses to accept any dangerous toxins being delivered to the body. Additionally, yoga therapy detoxifies and eliminates any harmful toxins in the body.

 Helps beat sleep disorder or insomnia

Practicing yoga deeply calms your mind and puts you into an orderly sleep. Your body feels rested and you are able to sleep much better.

Helps you improve your confidence factor and self-image

When you begin to practice yoga, it starts to have a positive effect on your body and your mind as well. Mastering each pose is an achievement in itself, for which you feel bound to appreciate yourself more. This inspires you to move further and make you love yourself more. You become more confident and secure.

Apart from the above discussed specifics about how regular practice of yoga can be marvelous for you, it is always necessary to keep yourself motivated to keep going. This is not a habit you would develop overnight, and you would not witness its benefits after one session alone.

You need to be patient enough to keep going and constantly build towards it. But, once you are there, the time and the energy invested in it shall be absolutely worth it.

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