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Best Destinations for Yoga Retreats

The day you decide to catch a break, the next thing that reaps your mind is what to do and where to go?

Each one of us has varied taste in life which makes us choose and decide upon things accordingly. What relaxes you can be just as mundane to another person and vice versa. Activities like reading a book, catching up on a movie or going to a salon might contribute to a momentary relaxation. But, in order to completely rejuvenate, one surely requires more. Going on a week long road trip with no set destination, a fortnight long trekking adventure into the great Himalayas, a wild hang over oriented tour to some of the party destinations or a scrumptious yoga vacation are some of the choices one usually makes to feed their respective whim.

However, those who are truly looking to rejuvenate, planning a Yoga Retreat happens to be the most sought after choice in their bucket-list. Days filled with teachings and practice of yoga therapy, practice of deep meditation, relaxation therapy, stimulating Ayurveda massages, healthy delectable wholesome Ayurveda Meals and nights filled with deep Yoga Nidra – a sleep that cures even the insomniacs, going on a yoga vacation is not a trip, it is more of a reward one awards themselves.

When you decide to embark upon this much awaited yoga tour, the next obvious decision to make is where to go to?

When selecting a destination for this rewarding tour, there are several factors that play a vital role in helping you decide which one to eventually go for. Factors like season, geographic location, money, environment, etc. all act as your personal helping guide. However, the most important factor is to ensure whether the chosen place is really a good enough place for going on a yoga tour or not?

To answer your question, we have gone to places and finally selected a list of destinations in the world that are famous for Yoga Retreats:

  • India

India is the yoga capital of the world and the birth place of Yoga. The country offers the most authentic yoga retreats in the world. And, has retreats for every traveler -- from the most luxurious to the budget-friendly ones.

  • Bali

One of the most spiritual destinations in the world, Bali is not only sought for its lush green scenery but also for being one of the most vouched for destinations for an enlivening yoga tour.

  • Maldives

Breathtaking panorama, exquisite spas, Maldives is a one-spot destination for the family oriented and, also for the romantic ones looking for a revitalizing yogic experience.

  • Spain

If you are in Europe foraying for a relaxing Yogic experience then Spain is your best bet. Other than an exotic yoga tour, a dash of its yummy cuisine and lively atmosphere adds to the whole experience.


Each place is known for a unique asset. Hence, when planning a yoga vacation, the traveler is advised to choose a destination which has yoga retreat as one of its signature assets for the most awesome life-transforming experience.    

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