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5 Most Important Points to Consider while Deciding for Yoga Teacher Training On a Budget

So, you have finally been hit with the Yogic miasma.

Now, the one thing you desire is to gain control of your life, avert yourself towards the path of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Even though, your ambition is for a good cause and overall benefit, but the expenses that come along with it in order to fulfill this marvelous ambition might not be too feasible on your pocket. While looking for several options that can provide you with Budget Yoga Teacher Training Schools in India, it is quite the possibility that you may commit a mistake in selecting the right one for you. We do agree that it just appears more convenient to go for the one that offers cheapest yoga teacher training courses in the country. However, in doing so, you are also more likely to get stuck with the one that offers no quality or expertise at all

We all have been told at some point of time in our lives, “If you demand quality, then you got to pay for it.”

While this may be true to a large extent, this is still not the entire reality. There are certain schools and locations in India that provide quality oriented yoga teacher training courses without being too heavy on your account.

Hence, while selecting the one perfect for you, here are the 5 most important points to consider before taking the final call on Budget Yoga Instructor Training in India:


The first step while looking for a yoga teacher training school in India is to choose the location first. Go for a place that is convenient to get to and is relatively cheaper as well. In India, you can choose from any of these locations depending upon your preference, namely:

  1. Rishikesh

  2. Kerala

  3. Mysore

  4. Dehradun

  5. Dharamshala

All of these places are renowned as the Yoga destinations of India and are budget friendly too.

Courses and Certification

Once you have made your choice of location, the next step is to search for a yoga academy that offers internationally recognized yoga teacher training courses. Whether you have a couple of months to spare or mere 30 days, it is imperative that you choose a Yoga Teacher Training School that comes under the RYS Category (Registered Yoga Schools). Such yoga schools offers internationally recognized certification from none other than Yoga Alliance itself. Rishikul Yogshala, Samatava Yogalaya are some of the few budget friendly yoga teacher training schools in India that offer 200 Hour, 300 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Instructor Training Courses with certification from Yoga Alliance.


Once you have selected the yoga course, the next obvious step is to look out for its price. On an average, the price of an economic 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India falls anywhere the estimated range of 1200 USD to 2000 USD.


Most yoga schools provide on-site accommodation to all their yogis. However, re-confirm the accommodations detail before making the payment. And, please do not budge from going through the gallery of pictures on their website in order to esnrue that you do not end up in a sheep stack.


A standard package of Yoga Teacher Training Course in India includes accommodation, wholesome meals thrice a day along with a few excursions to nearby places. If you wish to give yourself a bit of retreat while learning yoga, then seek clarification on various inclusions of the package first.

Once you take the above pointers into consideration, you would not only make a calculated decision but also ensure you have chosen the right yoga school for yourself.

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