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5 Yoga Products Online Shopping Essentials

Soon, you are going to commence a new session of yoga class. As much as a perfectionist you already are, you like to go prepared -- desire to ensure that you have all the essentials packed with you so nothing can obstruct you from working up a steaming session of yoga.

Unable to resist the urge to remain ‘styled and prep’d to perfection’, you log in to surfing device and begin browsing. The moment you type the famous ‘yoga products online shopping’ in the browser tab, websites line up to show you an array of products (yoga related and non-yoga related, both! Ugh!). Confusion follows which is combined with discomfort, fused with austerity, chased by sheer impatience and irritation brushes all over your otherwise relaxed aura.     

However, this does not have to be so -- if you have certain things, essentials preset and explored in your mind about what you require, and what you may be looking to acquire for these much awaited yoga classes of yours.

To aid you arrive at a conclusion, we have discussed five most vital essentials you could try not to give a miss when indulging in shopping for yoga products online:

Yoga Mats

The first thing you ought to browse for your yoga practice is a sturdy, yet comfortable yoga mat. There is a variety of interesting yoga mat options available within the category of online yoga accessories. Depending upon the comfort and behavior of your skin – you may choose from artificially textured mats, soft PVC mats, organic naturally textured anti allergenic mats, eco friendly mats, etc. The size of the chosen mat can be anywhere between 48inches – 52inches in breadth. Thickness may vary between 1/8 inches to ¾ inches depending upon your requirement and comfort level. However, be careful not to go for a mat that is too thick, while performing Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga or Vinayasa yoga postures, as the thickness may disrupt your balance and result in quite a wobbly experience.  

Sipper Bottle

Stay hydrated on the go. As you perform high-intensity yoga asanas, your body sweats and loses its electrolyte balance. If ignored, this may lead you to faint or suffer heat stroke on account of persistent dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration are more prominent when performing in a Bikram Hot Yoga class. Hence, it is highly crucial to keep a sipper bottle with water or energy drink by the corner of your mat so you can sip on it in between positions. 

Yoga Block

This one is especially vital if you are a yoga newbie or a practitioner dedicated to adjusting and aligning their posture to perfection. There are several yoga poses which require a yogi’s body to be highly flexible. If your body is not quite there yet or, if you suffer from any particular ailment like arthritis, back problems, soreness, etc. then you may utilize the support of these yoga blocks during your session for a good performance. These yoga blocks are also highly essential for those yogis who practice adjustment and alignment techniques in order to achieve perfection in their yoga asanas. You may choose these yoga blocks from a variety of materials like wood, pvc, etc. depending upon your preference. 

Yoga Wear

Ah! The ‘style yet remain active and comfortable’ part. Defined by several categories and a number of sub-categories, yoga apparels is a whole industry of its own. Depending upon your comfort and personal style, you may shop for vests, t-shirts, cropped tops, pro-fit capris, hot pants, shorts, yoga pants, etc. in different styles suited to your taste. However, it is advisable not to wear loose clothing as it might disrupt with your performance. Also do not go with plunging necklines or peepholes that make you uncomfortable. Instead of wearing bright colored bottoms, try to go with medium to darker shades in order to avoid bringing sweat stains in to the spot light.

Yoga Duffle Bag

Carry a cool looking mini-duffle bag to keep all your essentials gathered and hygienically collected in one place. After workout, you would not be in a mood to collect, fold and carry your stuff in your hands – piece by piece. Instead, go with a duffle bag and carry all your yoga accessories and other essentials with ease.

With this, you are all set to browse, select and shop for a fulfilled and an absolutely dedicative session of yoga.

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