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Why Should India Be the Next Destination on Your Bucket List?

India is not a holiday destination; it is an experience of a lifetime. You may forget what you ate on your trip to Barbados and you may even forget the name of the five-star villa in Greece, but once you have travelled in India, there is no going back or forgetting the impressions that the country can leave on you. India has been the backdrop of many movies, stories, and documentaries for decades, and has inspired many to cross continents and oceans just to experience the overwhelming life-changing country.

It would not be incorrect to state that India has it all – beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys, rain forests, mangroves, and wildlife sanctuaries. However, below are some of the reasons to inspire you to book your tickets to India right now (if you haven’t already!):

You will either hate India or you will love India. There is no midway. And, the major reason for this is the diverse cultural influence that the country offers. Every state and city has a distinguishing culture and lifestyle and so does every rural sector. There is something new to discover in every corner; traditions and rituals which are centuries old, some even from the times of the Indus valley civilization.

Indians are generally very warm and yet sometimes very loud. But they are loud in a good sense. They like celebrating everything – birth, marriage, death, festivals, and even nothings. Welcoming a new guest into their lives, homes, or society can be a mini festival in itself. Don’t be surprised if you get invited for lunch or dinner by a family you meet on the bus or train.

India is famous for its ever-changing landscape and it literally is ever-changing! How else could you explain the freezing cold deserts of Ladakh only a few thousand kilometers from the Great Indian Desert in Rajasthan and the snow-capped mountains of Darjeeling and beaches of Bengal in the same state?

India is no longer a land of snake-charmers anymore. The country can offer you anything that any other can and sometimes all in the same place. Love adventure sports? Try snowboarding in Kashmir, mountain biking in West Bengal, scuba diving in the Andaman, or conquer the rapids river-rafting in Rishikesh.

A recent Hollywood movie saw a legendary star exploring India as a part of finding her inner self. Most travellers claim to have found themselves or their true calling whilst traveling India. And how could they have not? India is home to the city of Rishikesh which is famous as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. It is almost a crime to be in India and not take this opportunity to indulge in the various kinds of yoga and meditation classes, courses and teachings that the established yoga ashrams in Rishikesh can offer.

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