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What Will You Take Home from a Yoga Retreat in the Indian Subcontinent?

The world comes to the Indian subcontinent to experience the true form of yogic education and spiritual awakening. A hub for yogis and the connoisseurs of the art form, the admirers of original product are always willing to travel great lengths in order to be a part of the great Indian yogic society. Many refer to this part of the world as a great Himalayan refuge, the motherland of yoga and the Shiva’s abode and come here to either do a yoga teacher training course or for yoga and meditation retreats. Either of the two options are a great tool to restart and rejuvenate as we unburden ourselves of the everyday stress, tension and worries. Whether you stay in the oriental land for a month or two or a week, chances are you would want to come back for more.

Here are some of the things we can assure that you will take back home after completing a yoga certification or a yoga retreat in India:


Discipline here does not refer to a boring person or a monotonous personality and neither are we talking about the pseudo spiritual outlooks. Yoga retreats in India will be a window into the lives of the sages, saints and yogis. The way these people conduct themselves, what they eat and how dedicated they are towards a harmonized approach towards life. When you will live with them for your days in India, you are most likely going to grasp their habits, the do’s and the don’ts on managing a healthy lifestyle, etc. Be prepared to experience a reformed self who is more willing to a commitment towards health and self-love.

Real Answers

Unlike the west where the yoga teachers and the trainers have received information passed on from many channels, when you stay and do a yoga teacher training or a yoga and meditation retreat in India you can expect to be guided to your own conscious by the subtle pushes from the orange robed saints. Every time you find yourself in a dilemma, these guides will be willing to offer an insight that comes from your own body and mind. They will help you to become more self reliant and not dependent on their teachings or sermons. With an attitude of self reliance, you can expect to conquer more and many questions will find answers within. 

Genuine techniques

Also, if you have chosen India to be your destination for a yoga and meditation retreats, it is a great choice, Congratulations. One thing you can take in writing is that the information you will receive from the teachers will be more authentic than any teacher can offer you in the west. The pronunciation of the Sanskrit words, the knowledge gained from working with the Himalayan masters and the yogic lifestyle Indian yogis lead on an everyday basis will be a way to retrieve genuine techniques from the banks of Indian heritage.

Spiritual Guru

We all need a guru or a guide in our spiritual quests and it is essential that if you are looking for a reformation in yourself, you should find a teacher who can make you see the light in the darkest corners of your mind. It is true that in India you can find a spiritual guru at every turn in the road, but it is also true that these gurus can be trusted upon with closed eyes. They have been conditioned to be this way from their mother’s wombs and the samskaras they are born with, it speaks for itself. Yoga retreats in India are ideal if you are looking for a spiritual guru. It is an anchor that keeps the boat of our lives stable.

If these take away are not enough from a yoga retreat in India, we recommend you experience it for yourself to know other gifts of the form.

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