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Why Is The Yoga Mat The Most Important Accessory In The Practice?

Yogis love their accessory and tools used in their practice and they have all the reason to do so. The art of yogic awareness is challenging both externally and internally. It requires support and push from the teachers and also from the props you use during a yogic practice. While some side props that can be incorporated to achieve a better alignment are blocks, bolsters, belts, cushions etc. one of the most important tools in a yogic practice is the mat. Without a good mat, it is rather impossible to excel at the poses or be completely focused towards your practice. Therefore, one should buy good yoga mat online or manually. Though there are many options for the mat, but it is recommended to buy a yoga mat online as there are better choices available.

A good mat can change the entire game and here are a few reasons why you should invest in this inevitable accessory:

Quality of the practice

Undoubtedly, a yogi’s practice is attached to his or her mat as without a high quality, strong mat it is impossible to perform all the postures. Most of the times we are sweating deeply during the asana practice and we might need a better grip on the mat to not slip. In a Warrior III pose where balance is the key, an anti slip layer underneath you will be a great aid. Poses which involve your joints to press in the floor needs a good padding in the mat and therefore a thick mat that can be provide soft layers is what we are talking about. Also, during breath work and meditation, where we need to sit for long hours, a good accessory can be bought like mat or yoga cushion online in India.

Image of a Yogi

No matter how shallow it sounds, but a mat also defines a yogi’s identity in the yogic fraternity. A status symbol, the reason why mat comes in so many different colors, designs, sizes is because it defines who we are, at least externally.  There are so many brands selling a yoga mat online in India. You can simply log in and chose the one you like more and that resonates with your personality. Some mats have graphic design while others come in different colors and sizes. Yoga mat covers are yet another accessory that is famous among the yogis. Fancy, colorful, OM laden covers are also available along with yoga mats online.

A reminder

An extension to the aforementioned point, while we stand at the top of the mat to perform a surya namaskar and be prepared to get lost in our inner world, when we buy yoga mat online it is a reminder towards our commitment to our practice. The quotes on the mat or the surya namskar series etc. can be a constant push towards excellence and becoming a better practitioner than yesterday. It is important that you see, measure and analyze before you buy a yoga mat online.

We hope these points are enough to explain the importance of this accessory and we hope you find a good yoga mat online in India.

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