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4 Online Yoga Deals in India for Yogis on a Budget

The call of yoga might come to you at anytime, when you are at the peak of your career earning in plenty or during a financial decline. Whatever may be the case, the best things in life are free or at least, economical. Yoga is one among such; its training available inexpensively at locations in the birth land- India. Online forums are a great place to find economic deals with a number of top rated schools being listed every day.

Here are 4 online yoga deals in India you must check out:


Rishikesh (Image Credit Makemytrip)

Spread out on the banks of the holy river Ganges, Rishikesh is a town with multicultural exposure. Its heritage temples and shrines attract devout pilgrims while yoga enthusiasts come here to gain the light of true yoga knowledge. The legacy began since ancient times and gained worldwide reputation with the visit of international delegates like the British musical band Beatles in the 1920s. 

In Rishikesh, you can find several traditional ashramas which practice yoga not as a fitness program but a complete way of life. You may also find elite studios among online yoga deals in India, which are ashrama-style schools with modern facilities.


Varkala (Image Credit: IndusHolidays)

Varkala is one of the top beach destinations along India’s western coastline, perfect for a peaceful yoga sojourn. Additionally, Varkala has a living tradition of Ayurveda- the ancient science of holistic wellness. Economical online yoga deals in India now have on offer yoga teacher training by reputed institutes situated in Varkala’s scenic beach locations. These deals are a perfect combination of yoga and complimentary Ayurvedic healing.

During your yoga teacher training at Varkala, you have the opportunity to experience the following:

  • A good fill of nourishing Ayurvedic food,

  • Practical classes on proper Ayurvedic culinary method,

  • Panchakarma courses for holistic purification of mind and body and

  • Refreshing herbal massage and spas.


Dharamsala (Image Credit: Google)

Meditation and peace is integral to yoga. Low-budget online yoga deals in India featuring Dharamsala crested in the peaceful nooks of Himalayan grandeur, perfectly conducive of calmness, as one of the primary locations are now widely available. Besides the regular yoga curriculum, learning and practice of silence is a major part of these sessions.

Dharamsala tops the list for inexpensive yoga deals in India for those with a love for nature, travel, and spirituality. Go off on rocky mountain trails when you can catch a free hour, or immerse in the spiritual vibes of the great many Buddhist monasteries situated in this town.


Mysore (Image Credit: Google)

In addition to its historical significance, Mysore is also celebrated as the birth land of Ashtanga yoga tradition. Unique sequence of free-flowing yogasanas is a specialty which is available in its authentic form only in Mysore. You can easily find economic yoga immersion programs in Mysore with online yoga deals in India.

Inclusive of accommodation and food favorable for your days of training along with thoroughly instructive daily classes, these programs will prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket without compromising on any aspect of learning.

Learn the practical and spiritual science of yoga at any of the above mentioned Indian locales for it is the most cost-effective plan for happiness, power packed with joy and solutions for your worldly crisis!


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