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Factors to Consider Before Buying Teacher Training Online Yoga Deals in India

A yoga teacher training in India is an ambitious venture. It demands you to take a month’s break from your everyday life and readjust to a set of moral, ethical, and behavioral attitudes. This is a complete life-affirming program to set you off on the correct path of mind, body, and spiritual wellness following—

  • a curriculum in intensive practice of yogasanas

  • detailed study of philosophy and history of yoga

  • learning of meditation and mantra chanting

  • Pranayama or breathing exercises, and much more.

At the end of the course, your concepts of yoga will be more refined and there will be a certificate validating you as a  teacher.

Here are three major factors to consider before taking this big step:


Before you run search and browse through the ever increasing number of teacher training listings on online yoga deals in India, understand yourself. Know your own overall temperament, strong points and weaknesses.

You can be a teacher only when there is an eagerness to share and when you know just the right method to do so effectively. Ask yourself whether you are in that place yet to share your wisdom with the rest of the world. Contemplate about what should be your methodology and go to the teacher training knowing what to focus on. There will be various classes and all of them are equally important for shaping your yoga ideas but learning would be better when you have articulated your own calling.


When on the lookout for an affordable yoga program, you can find a number of economic online yoga deals in India. All these programs have different curriculums, approaches, and durations. Attend one which meets your suitability the best. A yoga teacher training usually lasts for a month and yoga retreats in India involving yoga and other activities span over a week (unless you ask for a custom retreat for a month).

Since, not everybody has a flexible job and all the time in the earth to follow the heart and do what they want to do, it is a good idea to figure out a time structure for your yoga sojourn. With a little effort, you can free yourself for at least a week from the shackles of workaday life and attend an invasive YTTC. A whole array of new lifestyle skills can be learnt there, helping you in your days ahead, like—

  • healthy Ayurvedic cooking

  • easy and fun to practice laughter yoga to unwind from stress, or

  • chair yoga for the fitness of desk workers in sedentary jobs


Often when drop-in yoga classes fall short to meet the interests of sincere yoga learners, they take to the advanced curriculum of teacher training. However, the body needs to undertake a rigorous routine of physical exercise in a YTT program and you must prepare yourself both mentally and physically for this. Understand your own tenacity before signing up for online yoga deals in India. For beginners on the yoga path, a 200 hour YTTC is perfect with an easy-to-follow curriculum in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga.

A course as this is a big commitment, mostly to yourself. So, ask yourself these vital questions before starting out. Remember, self-searching is the key. In you, lie all the answers.


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