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Six Ways To Prepare For Yoga Teacher Training In India

The big decision is done and you have signed up for a yoga teacher training course. As the day of your departure nears, there must be many questions, apprehensions, and uncertainties lingering in your mind. Although, it is absolutely normal to have such butterflies in your stomach, we would like to say that this should not distract you from preparing for the big day or big month ahead.

There are so many ways through which you can plan your travel well ahead in time and be more in the groove for a healthy and fruitful yoga teacher training in India. There are many yoga schools in India that will send you an email regarding what to carry and what to expect in this land of extremities. But, apart from packing well (discussed below), it is also important to be mentally prepared for the yoga teacher training in India. Here are six ways that will help you be more equipped and organized for what you have planned for yourself.

Books: A book is your best friend and you can travel through its pages to experience some percentage of real time feelings. This is not to make you a bookworm and stay indoors. We are asking you to see pictures, read the interesting stuff, and understand what a yoga teacher training course in India can be like. Buy interesting books on yogic studies, India, or places you want to travel. This exercise will give you a larger perspective of what to seek. You can email the yoga school in India, if you have any doubt regarding the books to buy, as they will also be providing you with some books.

Socialize: As you will be away from your country, family, and friends, we recommend you to socialize as much as possible. The intensive course of yoga teacher training in India can make you miss your family and friends more than you have imagined. We say this not because the course would be so challenging, but because it will be heavy on your mind and emotions and you will miss the support system. Make good memories and tell them to stay in touch.

Eat: Ayurvedic meal planning is the basic every yoga school in India is known for. Therefore, it is advised to eat all that you want (not overdo it in one day) so that it is easier for you to stay on a clean, green, and a healthy diet. Keep the guilt aside and indulge. You might not be coming back soon for this.

Drink: Increase your daily water intake and develop a habit of staying hydrated all throughout. The intensive yoga sessions can lead to excessive sweating and other water related problems like weak digestive system. Therefore, 2 to 3 liters of water a day depending on the weather conditions is a must. This habit will prove to be beneficial not just for this month, but for your entire life.

 Research: Now that you are going for yoga teacher training in India, it makes sense to research and look for new places to explore, food to eat, culture, and the history of the place you will be visiting. This peninsula is vast and you will not be able to digest all that culture and history in one visit, but whichever places you will cover this time, carve out as much information you can.

 Pack well:  This step is very important for you to maintain a good yoga practice at the yoga school in India. Pack enough superfoods, protein bars, medicine, clothes, and other things you require. Although, you will find everything in this land, but sometimes we can get specific for things and stuff we have used in the past. Therefore, pack well.

Apart from these six things, we have to say, start practicing yoga before you set out for a yoga teacher training in India. This is the best preparation you can do.

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