Yoga in India

India is a motherland of Yoga with its roots being traced back to the original scriptures over 5000 years ago. Since its popularisation around the world in the 1960’s many varieties have developed, however India still preserves it’s roots and champions the inclusion of yoga in everyday life to promote health and wellbeing across the world.

Travel the magnificent country that is India from the Himalayan peaks of the north to the Ocean coast line in the South and you will never be far away from a Guru or spiritual teacher. As part of the heritage of India you will find many Ashrams and school with Gurus who have dedicated their lives to Yoga.

Some of the towns and cities most renown for yoga in India include: Rishikesh, Dharmsala, Pune, Mysore, Kerala, Goa, Bangalore, Gokarna and Chennai. India is so different and multifaceted that you can find a wide range of Yoga styles here just through traveling from city to city. All of them have preserved knowledges of different schools and Gurus and with that maintained the primary idea that Yoga lights within.