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Jointly Organized by Yoga Festival & GMV Yoga Pvt. Ltd.

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5th and 6th January 2018

Varkala (Near Black Beach), Kerala, India

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5th & 6th January,2018


6:30am - 08:00pm


8 Famous Teachers


Kids under 10 years of age may join the fest for Free

About Us

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Welcome the New Year with yoga on the mind, love in the heart and music in the soul at the unique International Yoga-Music-Dance Festival in Kerala, India. Delve in a weekend escapade symbolizing the healing world of yoga, music, and dance with Yoga Festival.

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International Yoga-Dance-Music Festival 2018

Yoga Workshop

Get an opportunity to meet and greet highly acclaimed yoga teachers from across the country. Watch and learn from them as they grace the event with invigorating workshops on different yoga styles from classic traditional to contemporary. Gain information and practical delight of the authentic and most renowned yoga styles such as Hatha Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Prana Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga and Chair Yoga.

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Celebrate your love for life and yoga with some of the most unique, transcendental dance performances. Let your body and soul feel alive, and blessed with the communion of heavenly dance forms showcased in multiple categories -- of Shiva Shakti Dance to Heaven, Fusion dance of Classical Bharatnatyam, Spirit Dance – Break the Bound, Tandava Dance of Shiva to Open-Up, Kerala Classical Heart Touching Forever, Robo Dance of Love, Dance of Radha Krishna, Jugal Bandi Dance of India, to name a few.

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Talks and Discussions

Revere yourself up with deeply invigorating discussions and interactions on yoga and spirituality. Get a chance to connect with fellow yogis, peace lovers, wanderers, artisans, and like-minded individuals from across the globe as they come together to grace with a weekend of yogic delight. Lead towards an enlightening journey and form bonds of a lifetime. Open up your thoughts and feelings in complete safety and comfort. Heal yourself here.

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Listen to the sound of music and fall in love. Melt your ache away. Submerge and sink to the voice of your heart as it forms a gentle and lasting connection in the presence of soulful melodies and music. Relish the feeling of being in the presence of the divine with the Sound of Healing Sitar, Indian Drum to open the Heart Center, Jugal Bandi Music of Battle to Merge, Indian Veena for Silence, Forest – Music of Nature, Classical Music of Welcoming Divinity, Kerala Music to Unbinding life, Flute – Waves of Oceanic Bliss, and Classical Music of Spirit – Clay Drums and Tablas.

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Swami Atma










5thJanuary Day 1

  • Hatha flow Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Acro Yoga
  • Asthanga Yoga
  • Adjustment Yoga
  • Alignment Yoga

6thJanuary Day 2

  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga
  • Prana Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
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5thJanuary Day 1

  • Shiva Shakti Transforming Dance
  • Fusion dance of classical Bharatanatytram
  • Spirit Dance- Break the Bound
  • Dancing freely to getting lost in Peace
  • Tandava Dance of Shive to Open-Up

6thJanuary Day 2

  • Kerala Classical Heart Touching Forever
  • Robo Dance of Love
  • Dance of Radha Krishna
  • JugalBandi Dance of india
  • East & west dancte of all Times
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5thJanuary Day 1

  • Sound of Healing-Sitar
  • Indian Drum to open the Heart Center
  • Jugal Bandi Music of Battle to Merge
  • Indian Veena for Silence
  • Forest- Music of Nature

6thJanuary Day 2

  • Classical Music of Welcoming Divinity
  • Kerala Music to unbounding life
  • Flute-Waves of Oceanic Bliss
  • Classical Music of Spirit – Clay Drums and Tablas
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Popular yoga styles at the international yoga festival in india

Hatha Flow Yoga

Experience the traditional form of Hatha Flow Yoga to align your body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony. Explore the dimensions of your soul as a divine assimilation of two perfect halves denoting the Sun (ha) and the Moon (tha) under the expert guidance of our teachers.

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Get introduced to another highly admired traditional style of yoga mentioned in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga wherein our teachers shall take you through the traditional practice of performing different yoga asanas in a series representing perfect harmony, balance, and union of the body with the mind and the soul.

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Iyengar Yoga

Let our Yoga Acharyas help you integrate your mind with the body and soul through the ancient practice of the infamous Iyengar Yoga. Here, you shall gain an understanding of performing the various yoga asanas with perfection, precision, and detail with the help of various yoga props. Learn to adapt the pragmatic way of life as discussed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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Acro Yoga

If you are an acrobat or an admirer of the art then our Acro Yoga Workshop led by some of the highly acclaimed Acro Yoga teachers is sure going to cite you. Get introduced to one of the most dynamic and contemporary forms of yoga styles and its system during this highly versatile yoga fest.

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Kundalini Yoga

Catch an enlightening glimpse into the traditional science of Kundalini Yoga under the shadow of Kundalini Yoga mentors. Assimilate practical information and delight into the art of Kundalini awakening for exercising spiritual energies and creative powers to a higher level.

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Mantra Yoga

Learn how to enhance your yoga practice through traditional sacred utterances known as the Mantras. These syllables, phonemes shall be imparted in the original language of Yoga, i.e., Sanskrit. Experience the more than an authentic spirit of yoga during the Mantra Yoga session at the fest.

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Prana Yoga

Get introduced to the highly transformative and holistic art of Prana Yoga. Cleanse, detoxify and strengthen your body and emotions by exercising the breath (prana) towards complete simulation of the internal energy towards an enhanced body, mind, and spirit.

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Chair Yoga

Get introduced to the highly constructive and contemporary practice of Chair Yoga with us. Do not let immobility or sedentary lifestyle restrain you from seeking the healing benefits of yoga. Explore the various yoga asanas and the practical applications of staying healthy and fit even when sitting in a chair.

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Client’s Feedback

Tanya Didovic

We visited Yoga Festival for the second time this February, the first was in July 2013. That visit changed my life so completely and in such a fulfilling way - I just felt drawn back to this school and their teachers. I am so happy I did return. Being around such inspiring, energetic and wise people, I feel truly blessed and moreover, I feel like it's more than I deserve. They are so full of life lessons I wouldn't have learnt at home, they inspire me to be a better person. Their warmth, energy and inspiration was like a recharge for me in such a way that upon returning, everyone told me I am glowing. I feel humble and grateful for this experience and I hope I will be able to give forth what they've given me, even if it's only a fraction; thank you for this amazing experience. I will be back!

Elsa Demers

My journey at Yoga Festival was wonderful. The group of instructors is amazing and under their guidance, I got a complete knowledge of yoga, philosophy, meditation and teaching skills. They pay attention to each student and are always ready to answer all your question, even to your personal problems. The place with mountains looks awesome. The accommodation and food was good and the entire staff was very helpful.

Luis Aguilar

Has been a great experience, I special like the balance in the professors of the school. The curriculum is well planned. I like the yoga asana and alignment classes. I enjoyed hatha and vinyasa class and also feeling happy to learn well related to anatomy and philosophy, culture of yoga in India. Besides great experience with the teachers and classes, the staff was helpful. Due to small group, I get good time to ask personal questions. The accommodation is nice with privacy. The food is delicious. Thank you so much, everyone.